Roof lines is Art

Hey there.

I recently found on my travels something I have been missing. It is all around us but we seldom pay it any notice.

All around us is roof lines that can demonstrate angles and designs that form out architecture today much like the Greeks or Romans did in the past.


If you see in this picture there are lines everywhere. I took this when I was in England last year because it is where I stayed with a students family. It is funny how I did not take this picture for this reason but now I have a collection of art right at my disposal!


The design makes sense right? I mean we need water to run off the roof away from the house. There are of course flat roofs but even those have a way for water to run off.

I talked with my old classmate from school who has a roofing company in Tampa Florida. He of course never paid attention to the design part. All he wants is to do a good job and then get paid. However he told me that the design of pitch roofs had been around for centuries and it will never go away.

I wondered though about commercial roofing in Tampa. These buildings almost always have flat roofs. My friend told me that this uses a special product like TPO which is a rubber based roofing material. Anyway………

You aren’t reading this to talk about different types of roofing.

When you are out riding, walking or driving, take a look at the roof lines and see for yourself the variety we have in lines.

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