My Cousin

My cousin has started his own business. It is called Westchase Roofing Pros and his site is here. I am really excited for him. There is a little story as to why this is an awesome story and I will share it with you.

My cousin Kevin and I were born the same year so we were close in age. We use to spend summers together as my family would go west for 6 weeks at a time. We were such kindred spirits. We both were artistic and musical. We loved to arrange colors into certain designs and we would imagine we were famous Italian people who would be known throughout the world.

As we grew older we started to notice a little change in what we liked. While I still loved art and ventured into photography he was looking at architecture. However not in the way you think. He loved roofs.

One thing we did like to do was climb out the upstairs window and jump up to the roof on top. It was on the third story and it wasn’t simple either. It had many peaks and valleys and Victorian style windows. Nevertheless we were fearless and would lay down on the side and watch the sun go down and feel the strong breeze our faces.

I think it was these times that he developed a calling to roofs. He didn’t feel called to be inside and he loved hard work. He would say it made him feel alive.

Well he has now done his dues working for so many roofing companies and started his own. He worked around the world too seeing how different each culture designed theirs. He is called upon often to help with a design of a roof because of this experience.

I am really proud of him and wish him all the success in the world.

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