Miracle Grass?

Tampa Miracle Grass? Zoysia Hype and Facts

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You may have heard of zoysia grass, and you may be wondering whether this is a miracle grass for Tampa Bay lawns. Or, maybe you have a zoysia grass lawn and now are having problems. Zoysia grass, like any other grass, has some pros and cons you should consider before planting.

First, zoysia grass is extremely invasive. Whether this is a good thing, or not, depends on the situation. If you have a next-door neighbor who would be upset about your grass intruding into their yard, zoysia may not be your first choice. If you already planted zoysia and your next-door neighbor is fuming, you may want to consider installing some sort of a barrier (like a row of pavers) and edging so your runners don’t invade.

If, on the other hand, your neighbor really doesn’t care what sort of grass they have, or there are already good barriers, this part of zoysia may be good for you. Because zoysia spreads so well, you can simply plant plugs and it should start to take over your yard.

Because it is so invasive, once you have planted it, you will likely be stuck with it. If you are thinking about trying zoysia, consider a different type of grass.

Second, zoysia is not the fastest growing grass. If you don’t want to mow much and your yard doesn’t have much traffic, this will be ideal. However, if you have an area or areas in your yard where there is a lot of traffic, zoysia does not grow quickly, so it won’t recover from damage quickly. If you have high traffic areas in your lawn zoysia may not be ideal for you. If you have already planted zoysia, consider installing pavers in high traffic areas that aren’t holding up.

Third, zoysia is sensitive to cool weather and can brown easily. But, if you are very picky and want your yard to be green longer than anyone else’s on your block, this may not be a great choice.

Fourth, zoysia, like any other plant, has some problems. Zoysia Patch is common. This is a fungal infection which can kill your grass. Also, zoysia is susceptible to grub worm problems. Controlling grubs is important because grubs can kill your grass, and also can attract vermin, like armadillos and moles, who will dig up your grass to eat the grubs. Also, zoysia grass can be prone to develop rust during cooler weather.

These illnesses and pests can all be dealt with using the appropriate amounts of fungicide, herbicide and fertilizer. However, using too much or the wrong kind of treatment on your zoysia grass can actually make these problems worse. Make sure to seek help from a professional to assure your yard is getting the treatments it needs to thrive. Also, make sure to mow your zoysia grass on schedule or to bag the clippings.

If you need help with your zoysia grass here in Tampa, feel free to give us a call.



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