Miracle Grass?

Tampa Miracle Grass? Zoysia Hype and Facts Here is an important article from Tampa Lawn and Pest Control. You may have heard of zoysia grass, and you may be wondering whether this is a miracle grass for Tampa Bay lawns. Or, maybe you have a zoysia grass lawn and now are having problems. Zoysia grass, […]

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My Cousin

My cousin has started his own business. It is called Westchase Roofing Pros and his site is here. I am really excited for him. There is a little story as to why this is an awesome story and I will share it with you. My cousin Kevin and I were born the same year so […]

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I had many write to me about my roof line article. I was surprised that many didn’t see what I was seeing and definitely not in an artful way. Well one thing about art is that it is based on personal taste and mine is rather broad and ever changing. Roofing isn’t glamorous by any […]

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Roof lines is Art

Hey there. I recently found on my travels something I have been missing. It is all around us but we seldom pay it any notice. All around us is roof lines that can demonstrate angles and designs that form out architecture today much like the Greeks or Romans did in the past. If you see […]

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Keys. They are made for one thing. To open doors. Or to lock them of course. We all have keys that mean something to us. Some of us have keys that mean nothing to us. Sometimes I wonder and dream of getting  a magic key and it taking me years to find the door it […]

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